Alt. 1059m
Norway, Storfjord

My first attempt to summit one mountain peak. How exciting!

One goal of my first trip to Lyngen was to select one peak and summit it. I choose the Falsnestinden 1059masl.

I started ascent from parking lot towards the Krigsminne military cottage.
I had no experience about energy consumption on these kind of ascents. All my foods were eaten at Krigsminne cottage 550masl. I was in deep shit.

After the cottage the wall became steeper than i was ever been before. About 25-30 degrees. It was hard just to stay up on steep terrain with heavy back.

After few sideway ridges, there seemed to be somekind of summit cone. But when i climbed all those ridges, giant wall of rock started to rise above me behind the last ridge. I understood that i wasnt able anymore to get to summit. I was shaking from lack of energy and maeby little bit of fear becous of icy rocks and terrain.

But becouse the veaws at the altitude of 800m where like this, i was sure that this was not just one try thing. This will be my passion and hobby for a long time.

Views for the Steindalen.

Second Ascent

Its summer 2019. Three years since last and first try for this peak. Its time to try this one again.

We started our ascent from common, Krigsminne parking lot and kept proper brake at the Krigsminne cottage. After that we headed up for steeper terrain. After about 100 climbed meters, rest of the crew decided to go around at the loose rocks. I wasnt ready to quit again after that 2016 failure. I just had to go on by my self.

I continued the scrambling on loose rocks. I was at the 2016 failure point surprisingly fast. I was thinking and measuring my energy levels. They were about at same point, when i left the car. Its satisfying to realise, how much i have get better on this.

Views down for the Skibotn.

After that i started to climb to summit ridge from point where i turned around in 2016. Path looked rather steep in my opinion. But after about 15 minutes, i was on the ridge, and inside the cloud also.

I reached the grass and rock line to summit. It was about 35-40 degrees climb. After steeper part the summit totem was 5 meters away and i saw it trough the clouds.

I waited for hole in clouds for about 20 min. I managed to take few shots for memory from the top.

Few sunset shots from the descent run.


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