Store Kjostinden

Alt. 1488m
Norway, Lyngen North, Kjosen

This ascent was not summited. The weather was bad. Little rain showers and lots of clouds. We climbed to the clouds and observed the terrain if its possible maeby to climb on summer someday.

I am actually not sure if its possible. The wall up from 900m is a riddle for me. Are those rocks up there loose and how steep it gets just before summit? I have no idea.

On first wall from Kjosen the rocks are really loose on some parts but there are lots of good tracks too. Note for myself is not to go up for the ridge on right side of the first part. Go left around it. If you go up for the ridge, you eventually have to go down there too. Its better to go around it if aiming to summit.

We started from beside the Kjosen.

Janne climbing up. Almost at our turning point. I rushed up. There seemed to be somekind of transparent hole in clouds and light popped out for few minutes so i had to get it into photos.

Janne took one shot of me!

Few steps on snow before turning back down.

Night was falling when we descended back to car.


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