Alt. 1219m
Norway, Lyngen North, Nord-Lenangen

Starting point from the dirt park on right side of the road just after Lyngen Fjordcamp. It was bushy about up to 350 meters, but then it came easier. The valley was full of sheep shit and flyes. It was impossible to breath with mouth open couse the flyes went right in. The sheeps were at 500m. Flyes kept following me up to 650m but after that they disappeared.

I reached the ridge between the Storgalten and Litlegalten. Veaws were amazing. On west side the sun was setting and it painted one rain cloud.

On east side of the ridge there was a pond called Kalddalsvatnet. On background there is an paradise island called Kågen.

After the ridge wall became steaper and rocky. I reached few areas with snow and passed through few clouds.

After four hours of climbing, i reached the summit. And boy.. It was pretty.

Panorama towards shouth for the Alps.

Descent took about 2 hours so the whole thing was 6 hours.

Last views down for the Nord Lenangen bridge from altitude of 1000m.


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