Norway, Oteren, Cavkosvarri

Cavkosvarri has two summits. Western summit Oteraksla 1235m and eastern summit Otertinden 1356m.


Second attempt for this one. This time there was no way i could mess this up. The weather was perfect. I started from car at 23 o´clock and returned 6 o´clock morning. 7 hours trip.

Forest part was again pain in the ass.

After that started scrambling part. It took only 3 hours to summit this time.

The views were amazing.

The Otertinden 1356m

Polvartinden 1275m on left, Postdalstinden 1363m on right and Lemmetfjellet massif on center.

More for the Otertind. Mannfjellet on background.

Barras 1419m having first sunrise lights.


Sunrise colours were unreal

Summit pönö

Summit totem. First time i put name on visitor book.

Village of Oteren and bottom of Storfjord

Storfjord behind Hatteng summit

Storvasstinden 1377m and Piggtinden 1505m

Rieppetinden 1493m

Heading down. Day was getting brighter.

Last cookies and entering to forest part. It felt really bad with sore legs.

Aaaand its a wrap! 7 hours. It took whole night but it was worth of it!

The end bonus, Otertind from Signaldalelva.


This ascent was not summited. There were surprisingly much snow and walking felt too risky. Legs slipped between sharp rocks almost on every step.

Starting point from Oteren. The path started to get steeper in the woods. I reached the treeline about in hour. Almost instantly after treeline came also snowline.


At 850m there was spots where the snow depth reached knees.

It was time to turn around.

Jiehtanasgaisi/Mannfjellet on background. Massive looking thing.


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