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Alt. 683mNorway, Kågen Start from from harbour beside the Preikågen. We thought that which one to choose. Go another side of the summit for easier aproach, or go straight up from harbour. We went straight up. The wall became wery steep. 40 degrees or even litle bit steaper. After few hours we were at the … Jatka lukemista Preikågen

Store Kågtind

Alt. 1228mNorway, Kågen Ascent II 7.8.2020North-east face Second try for this one and this time we were death serious to go to the summit. By that day, i had been on Kågen altogether about 7 days waiting for right moment to do this and now its finally time to do this. Alltough the weather was … Jatka lukemista Store Kågtind


Alt. 1059mNorway, Storfjord My first attempt to summit one mountain peak. How exciting! One goal of my first trip to Lyngen was to select one peak and summit it. I choose the Falsnestinden 1059masl. I started ascent from parking lot towards the Krigsminne military cottage. I had no experience about energy consumption on these kind … Jatka lukemista Falsnestinden


Alt. 1219mNorway, Lyngen North, Nord-Lenangen Starting point from the dirt park on right side of the road just after Lyngen Fjordcamp. It was bushy about up to 350 meters, but then it came easier. The valley was full of sheep shit and flyes. It was impossible to breath with mouth open couse the flyes went … Jatka lukemista Storgalten

Store Kjostinden

Alt. 1488mNorway, Lyngen North, Kjosen This ascent was not summited. The weather was bad. Little rain showers and lots of clouds. We climbed to the clouds and observed the terrain if its possible maeby to climb on summer someday. I am actually not sure if its possible. The wall up from 900m is a riddle … Jatka lukemista Store Kjostinden


Alt. 1041mNorway, Lyngen South, Kjosen This was my first ever succeeded mountain summit. Starting point from main road between Kjosen and Lyngseidet. Just after plastic factory. I was over the treeline about in hour. The landscape started to look really good. Kavringtinden on another side of the river. I arrived to swamp. There were one … Jatka lukemista Rornestinden


Alt. 818mNorway, Lyngen North, Nord Lenangen Starting point from nortern end of the road from Nord Lenangen. Path went up to rocks via electricity line. White bombers were active. There was really no cruxes on this rout. Just simple walking up. But the descent was so late on that day that we scrambled down with … Jatka lukemista Russelvfjellet/Ruossavarri


Alt.1235mNorway, Oteren, Cavkosvarri Cavkosvarri has two summits. Western summit Oteraksla 1235m and eastern summit Otertinden 1356m. 27.07.2020 Second attempt for this one. This time there was no way i could mess this up. The weather was perfect. I started from car at 23 o´clock and returned 6 o´clock morning. 7 hours trip. Forest part was … Jatka lukemista Oteraksla