Alt. 1041m
Norway, Lyngen South, Kjosen

This was my first ever succeeded mountain summit.

Starting point from main road between Kjosen and Lyngseidet. Just after plastic factory.

I was over the treeline about in hour. The landscape started to look really good.

Kavringtinden on another side of the river.

I arrived to swamp. There were one dry path through it. Although it wasnt necessary to even go through the swamp. Nowadays i would go just straight up but then i wasnt even sure on witch point the summit was so i was following red marks on stones.

I managed to get to steeper ground and the landscape kept changing faster.

Lyngseidet. My car is on the left down corner of the picture.

The crown

First really steep views for me ever.


Starting to reach the summit.

The summit

Really great views for the Kjosen and Kjostindane.

At the descend there were few white bombers on rocks.

Last views for the fjord before entering woods.


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