Store Kågtind

Alt. 1228m
Norway, Kågen

Ascent II

North-east face

Second try for this one and this time we were death serious to go to the summit.
By that day, i had been on Kågen altogether about 7 days waiting for right moment to do this and now its finally time to do this.

Alltough the weather was good, summit was in clouds.

Me and Jaana were supposed to go to summit and Antti & Mira ascented to 677m ridge with us. On ridge our ways separated.

The ascend turned out to be really steep. On first steep part there were two crevasses. We went between them and entered into clouds.

Before the summit cone the face was really steep.
With somekind of phone bubble app it was 48 degrees. It started to be little bit scary on that point.
Before summit there is an snow edge. Its kind of the crux of the whole route. We made it. Both of us feeling really powerfull on that point. We made it to the summit!

Then it was time to head back down.

I almost slipped into big fall on the edge.
I put my shoe too steep angle on the wall that the side of shoe kinda pushed crampons spikes off the wall and my feet started to slide.
Luckily i managed to make instant powerful hit with the axe on snow and i left hanging on it. That was really scary and it truly made me thinking this hobby from different angle.

Jaana just getting out from clouds

The ascent was really scary after the close call. Feet were shaking. But when we entered to lower parts of wall, it started to feal good again.

There we came. Of course clouds flew away 30min after we left the summit. One good reason to make one more ascent for this in future.

Town of Skjervøy and Hurtigruten.

One of the crevasses on our last steep part before so called safe zone.

Jaana making last steps away from danger zone.
The warm feeling getting safely down was now rushing in our veins.

Beautiful veaws

Little buddy

Bonus photo from the sea with the rubber boat

Ascent I


This ascent was not summited. We climbed to see the glacier and headed back down from 700m.

Start from harbour beside the Preikågen. Snow line was really low. First snows were at 300m.

After all we made it to the top of the 677m ridge and the views over the Isbuktvannet were astonishing.

The ridge

The summit of Store Kågtinden.

Few steps on snow.

Heading back down at sunset.

Views for the Arnoya. Preikågen on foreground.

Store Kågtinden from Isbuktvannet.


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