Small hike up to valley on autumn 2017 beside the Storfjord. I knew that there is an glacier at about 800 alt. But there was not enough time to go there.

I reached the dam at 452m in 50 minutes. I felt that i had loads of power and energy left so i kept going.

I had two hours to sunset. I decided that i will go so far i can in that time.

I arrived to peaceful and quiet spot on valley bottom beside the pond. No wind, no other sounds. Just me and the mountains. Beautiful.

I continued up to steeper part on rocks.

I found snow! About 40 degree really small climb towards the Reppifjellet with crampons.

Views started to get some smile on face. Felt really small beside the Reppifjellet wall.

Suddenly i noticed that the sunset is 20 min away. I was down in green valley in 10 minutes and i realised that i will be okay. Dropped speed and continued to enjoy my hike.

Small stop on upper stream before dam. I tried to find an composition and i think i found an really good one. Reppifjellet on background.

Nice views also for the Steindalen.

Last push from the 452m point down to car. That´s all folks!


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